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About Us

About Thrive Furniture - The Best Online Retailer of MidCentury Modern Furnishings

Mid-century modern furniture provides excellent style for many homes. Find affordable, hand-made products with a lifetime warranty at Thrive Furniture. 

We are fans, just like you. Fans of design, manufacturing, style, old world craftsmanship, automation and most importantly, change. We aim to change the status quo, to show the world how furniture shopping should be. Welcome to Thrive.

We want your experience to be excellent. Thrive is more than a brand or a website. It’s an experience. You like a sofa on our site, but want it with two cushions instead of three? No problem. Want some advice on what colors will match well with your existing décor? Sure thing!

We’re designers and manufacturers who are passionate about what we do. We know our products inside and out because we build them next door to our offices. We are more than a website; more than a factory or a store. We are a group of young, energetic and motivated furniture fans who want to share our passion for furniture with you.

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We have taken steps to become more efficient, cut our waste, utilize responsible materials, and protect the broader world that is our home.

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We are turning our design expertise on ourselves, taking steps to become more efficient, cut our waste, utilize responsible materials, and protect the broader world that is our home. As a company and as individuals, we are committed to running our business in a way that is not about trends or marketing, but principles that we call on to guide what we do.

For all of our exposed wood we use Beech wood, which gives us a rich color thanks to the way it absorbs the stain. We use Poplar wood for all interior framing due to its sustainability. We are also committed to ensuring the responsible harvesting of the wood used in our furniture. We carefully monitor where our wood comes from, using wood that's certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which establishes strict social, environmental and economic standards for managing and protecting the world's forests.



Mid-Century Modern Furniture - Made in America - Tailored for You!

Los Angeles is one of the most creative places in America. Our product design process begins here, at our Los Angeles design shop, and culminates in the finished product we present here at Thrive Home Furnishings. No detail is over looked, while style and innovation are encouraged. We design our product 15 feet away from where we produce it, giving us the flexibility and creativity that separates us from the pack.

Quality American manufacturing is a tradition. We at Thrive Home Furnishings only use the best American-based raw materials that have been tested. We then proudly put in the workmanship to create high-quality furniture at competitive prices. It also means that you can access us quickly should you have any questions, need a replacement part or need service. Nothing is outsourced, and we are able to provide outstanding service for all of our products.


 To learn more about our Los Angeles Manufacturing Plant and to see behind the scenes in our Made In America company - take a virtual factory tour HERE.

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*NOTE: Thrive Home Furnishings is required by law to collect sales tax on orders shipped to California.

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