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Kennedy Chair - Inspired by the Selig Z Chair


Mid-century modern inspired Kennedy Chair! 

Thrive Furniture captures the spirit of mid-century modern design by taking on the past.  At Thrive Furniture, we respect and honor the history of design by educating our customer about our design inspirations.  Starting today, we are here to show you how our furniture design is a reflection of the past eras which gave birth to mid-century modern design (1930-1965). While we honor the past, it’s important to bring our furniture to the present day and reinvent design for the 21 st century.

Mid century modern is a timeless style which can transition into any space, that’s the power of mid century modern’s intuitive connection to nature and it's minimalistic approach.  Who doesn’t love it either? From the greatest generation to their twentysomething year old grandkids, not to mention the baby boomer generation, people from all walks of life are fans of this style!

In order to design your space efficiently, you should understand the style of your furniture pieces and what they can work with.  Mid-century inspired chairs are an increasingly important staple of the living room.  Chairs maybe typically overlooked in the living space but with the fun styles offered by mid-century modern design, they can become the main talking point of your living room.  

One of our most popular chairs is known as the Kennedy Chair. While named after JFK, a U.S. President who exemplified class and style, the Kennedy Chair is the structure of everything which reflects mid-century modern sophistication.  The Kennedy Chair is based on the Selig Z Chair created in the 1930’s. 

The Danish Z Chair is designed in the spirit of Poul Jensen Selig. 

                                    The Kennedy Chair in Klein Azure at Yelp Headquarters, San Francisco.  

The Selig furniture company was founded in 1931, their creation of the Selig Z chair was their most well known model, it was the epitomy of post-war Danish furniture design characterized by elegance and sweeping lines.  The design of this chair is mostly attributed to three Danish furniture designers – Finn Julh, Poul Jensen, and Ib Kofod Larsen.

Thrive's Kennedy Chair is inspired by the Z chair design.  It can be custom designed in all 30 of our fabric options and 4 leather options.   Our high quality beachwood is stained in your choice of dark walnut, black, or blonde.  We stay true to the Selig Z chair design while enhancing the customer experience through customization-able features.

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