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Mid Century Modern Furniture Blog

  • Hurry In....SALE!!!!

    On behalf of everyone at Thrive Furniture we are so pleased to say Happy Father's Day to every father, grandfather, brother, son, and uncle.

    To honor such amazing men in our lives we have awarded 20% off our entire site! Select items are discounted up to 45% off when you visit in store. So how do you get in on this amazing deal? Simple! Add items to your cart and at check out use coupon code: FD20. 20% will be taken off your total and you are set to sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your day!

    Sounds easy enough, so what are you waiting for!? Visit in us in store or hurry online.

    Happy Father's Day!!


  • Happiness, Chic, and Sophistication

    Summers just begun for all who graduated college, graduated high school, or just finished your first/second/third years at top universities but it's not to early to start planning for your dorm room decorations in a few months or that first apartment you have been eyeballing. Looking to walk into your dorm or apartment and see happiness after long-dragged days at school and work? Want to keep it chic and radiate sophistication?

    Check out this great look and how you can acheive it with Thrive Furniture!



    So what sofa should you choose to acheive this look? None other than our Taylor Loveseat! Remember at Thrive you can choose your fabric, leather, and wood, so don't be shy pick a color that's bold! Not enough room for a love seat? No problem!! Choose our Sullivan Chair! Throw on a pattern blanket a cute night stand and your must have books with a cute reading lamp!


    taylor loveseat

  • Free Furniture!! WHAT!?!

    If you haven't checked out our Free Furniture Give-Away you are missing out but don't worry I am going to fill you in on all you need to do!!

    First head on over to our Facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/thrivefurniture/app_208195102528120 and click on the "Win $10,000 Worth of Free Furniture" tab next to our photos and timeline. You will want to register to win with the form we provide. But better yet, don't stop at 1 entry, share the link with your friends to get 5, yes we said it, 5 bonus entries per share!!! How amazing is that!?!

    Winners will be announced on June 3oth so you still have time to get entered and to share, share, share!!   GOOD LUCK!!!


  • 2 Great Dining Rooms!! .. What's your preference?

    I have a severe problem with Mid-Century Modern and Mid-Century Contemporary decor.  When I am upset or bored I spend all my time searching and searching through photos of decorations, interior design, and photos people have submitted either from interior designers or of their own designs. There is something about decorating that puts me at ease. Can you relate?

    One day, that's what I keep telling myself anyways, I will be able to build my own home from ground up and choose what I want in each room for decor. I can't wait!!

    Here is what I have thrown together!

    I would love to see what you think! I can't decide between these dining room decoration styles and I will tell you why I love each.

    First- I love the mid-century modern feel to these chairs and how they are the focal point to this room. The table is a thin glass, allowing the room to feel bigger by seeing through to the floor and the chandalier has a great mid-modern "box" style to it. I love the simplicity of the white with cream and black contrast.

    What do you think?

    dining room 1

    Second- I love the black and white theme of this dining room. The chairs are a nice mid-century modern accessory as they seem fit to have any king or queen in them. Not to mention, the long drastic table. The doors to the dining room are not your ordinary doors but equarian which is a great added feature because when open they act as decoration. I love duo combinations of accessories!

    What do you think? First or second??

    dinning room

  • Thank you!!

    Now that our Memorial Day sale is officially over, we would like to say, "Thank you to everyone who came in and visited our show rooms. Also to everyone who was able to go online our website and place orders or request information!"

    Our Memorial Day Sale was such a huge hit and we owe it all to our customers and clients. It's because of our customers that we are able to do what we love to do each and every day!

    So we sincerely appreciate all of you for allowing us to be Thrive Furniture!!


  • Couch Memories Past to Present

    As I sit on my brown couch I am starred at by two chairs across the room and the question comes, “I love the comfort of my chairs but do I really love the fabric? What if I could choose the perfect fabric, leather, and wood? How would I know what to use for inspiration?” The idea sits in my mind and I decide to take action. As I reach for my laptop to begin my search I am paused by a memory of when I was 9 visiting my grandmother’s cabin. All the laughter and memories of taking her boat out and catching my first fish, a blue gill I believe or maybe it was a cat fish. I remember the look of her cabin and that horrid bed cot she had for me to sleep on. I would let her tuck me in at night and wait until I heard silence, then sneak off to the living room and lay on her couch. I loved how her couch smelled, a combination of her and cabin wood. Then it dawned on me. I want my chairs to be a symbol of her, of the summers I spent at the cabin, of laughter, and the smell of her! I have it, my inspiration is my grandmother and her cabin’s couch! So I grab my laptop and type in mid-century furniture. I come across a site, www.thrivefurniture.com and it’s great! Not only are the products manufactured in the USA but they can custom make furniture! I start the process of choosing two new chairs that resemble the style of my grandmother’s couch and pick my fabric. I was even able to choose the wood furnishing! I get ready to complete the process and am told 4 weeks for the chairs to be done and shipped off to me. I sit back and laugh at all the memories swarming my brain from every summer growing up and visiting my grandmother’s cabin and I look forward with excitement at being able to laugh every time I come home and sit on my new chairs at the memories of my grandmother!!

    Thank you Thrive Furniture for giving my life laughter, memories, and happiness!

    Kim P. Madison Chair Cordova Picante

  • Why is Thrive Furniture different than other furniture companies?

    Not only has Thrive Furniture been around since 1999, but we take a different approach on production, design, and employees. All products are manufactured in the United States with locations in the Los Angeles, California area. Not only do we specialize in eco-friendly material; we specialize in getting product out the door to ship in 4 weeks!

    Here at Thrive Furniture we are fans of design, manufacturing, style, craftsmanship, and change which is why we allow our customers to customize their mid-century furniture with their personal choice of fabric, leather, and wood!!

    We look forward to helping each and every customer who comes our way!

    3.3.13_thrive_chairs (500x375)

  • Who is Thrive Furniture?

    We often get asked, “Who is Thrive Furniture?” We think to ourselves, what a great question! When Thrive opened its doors in 1999 we had the same philosophy then as we do now, to be fans in design, manufacturing, style, craftsmanship, automation, and change while delivering to change the status quo on how furniture shopping should be. If you could walk into a show room or go online to shop and say, “I love this couch but I want different fabric” and have someone reply, “Yes, we can do that for you!” What would your reaction be?

    To see the smiles on our customer’s faces by giving and helping them achieve the look and feel they want, is what Thrive Furniture is about!

    So what’s stopping you? Go ahead and visit www.thrivefurniture.com or visit one of our showrooms today! We look forward to greeting you with, Welcome to Thrive!!


  • Nice Warm Feel

    87651 photo

    Kennedy Chair and Kennedy Ottoman in Cordova Picante in Blonde stain

  • Majestic Seating

    Nixon-1 (2)

    Nixon Chair in Majestic Pesto

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