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The Nixon Sofa with Wood Base by THRIVE Home Furnishings | MID-CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE

If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill sofa, then keep searching. The Nixon Sofa is not for you. This blend of mid-century and modern design by Thrive Home Furnishings is the pinnacle of accent seating. It’s outrageous comfort in combination with unbelievable support and style can complement any interior design aesthetics. Tired of herniating discs due to your broken down, unsupportive couch? The Nixon Sofa features a tufted back that lets you control your body when you sit, unlike some sofas that immerse you into a crevasse like quicksand. Don’t get that confused with it having a “wood bench” feel. The overstuffed seat cushions make you feel like you are floating on a cloud. The sleek, low-profile frame is a timeless addition to any existing room elements, and can serve well as a natural centerpiece to your room.

Our diverse selection of fabrics and polished wood finishes make this piece fully customizable with over 1,000 different combinations. So take it all in, sofa shopper, and smile because you just aren’t just living anymore - you’re thriving.  


Overall:  33.5"H x 90.5"W x 35.5"D

Seating:  18"H x 78"W x 23.5"D

Armrest:  25.5"H x 4"W


Nixon Sofa

(You save $440.00)

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